Friday, March 21, 2014


This video is proof that you need to hire someone to create a birth story for you! (a.k.a me) Even though I am a professional videographer and knew every little detail I wanted to film, I didn't even get a tenth of what I wanted because I was a bit distracted with pregnancy pains, labor pains, and post birth pains, as well as the arrival of the cutest little being on the planet!!! My husband and I were so far beyond thinking about getting good shots of our baby because the actual event is just too captivating. Needless to say I had to get a little bit creative to tell his story. But despite the moments of bad lighting and no footage of me holding my precious newborn, this video is my favorite video I have ever created because nothing, nothing, can compare to the emotions that come along with the birth of your child and every time I watch this it brings them all back. I love my Cooper!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

KYLER & ELIZABETH - Engagement Video "Our Story", Logan Utah

I just LOVE making these engagement videos!! They always turn out fantastic because every story is unique and so fun to hear about. I loved working with Lizzie and Kyler because you can tell that they have a lot of fun together. They are so cute!!

ELIZABETH & KYLER - "Our Story" Logan, Utah Wedding Video from Amber Lewis Videography on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friday, December 27, 2013

MADISON AND ALEC - Utah Wedding Videography - "Our Story" - Provo, Riverwoods

I absolutely LOVE how this video turned out! Maddi and Alec are so cute together and so good at being themselves in front of the camera. The lights at the Riverwoods worked perfectly, especially since (*spoiler*) that is where Alec proposed! Congrats you two!!

MADISON & ALEC - "Our Story" - Utah Wedding Video from Amber Lewis Videography on Vimeo.

Friday, October 25, 2013

JORDYN & DUNCAN - Engagement Video "Our Story", Salt Lake City, Utah

I just filmed this couple's wedding and reception and it was beautiful! I'm sure you can tell I had an easy job because Jordyn and Duncan are so video-genic! This pre-wedding video was a lot of fun to film too because they were so energetic. They even "borrowed" a shopping cart from some accommodating hobos to show off their playful side ;) I also need to give a shout out to my husband who came as my second videographer due to the fact that I'm seven months pregnant and was ridiculously worried I'd faint in the middle of the shoot or something crazy like that. (Pregnant = weird fears) Just for the record, I was perfectly fine, and the video turned out super adorable of course!

Jordyn & Duncan - "Our Story" - Pre Wedding Video from Amber Lewis Videography on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AIMEE & VERNON - Utah Wedding Video, Noah's

This wedding was beautiful and sweet. I had never seen a wedding done on the roof of Noah's before but it was such a pretty location! It provided a fun, open atmosphere and was perfect for a summer wedding!

Congratulations Aimee and Vernon!

Aimee & Vernon - Utah Wedding Video from Amber Lewis Videography on Vimeo.